Joining Forces

Our Mission

The mission of Washington State Coalition of African Community Leaders (WSCACL ) is to Support
African community Organizations in Washington State, provide a Platform where African community
Organizations can share resources and information to enable collaboration and be the Voice for
African Communities in Washington State.

We support Washington state refugee, immigrant, and asylum-seeking populations in their pursuit of
integration, self-sufficiency and freedom

ways our work has benefited the community so far?

Brought more than 26 community leaders to form this coalition and discuss the status of their
respective communities.

Leaders have been engaged in multiple platforms and started sharing announcements and
resources with each other e.g. we established a WhatsApp group & Google Group and meet

Community Advocacy

Get professional and financial support from external sources and also reach and recruit individuals from within the communities to step up and take commitment for leadership on behalf of their community and also prepare for future actions to influence policy makers.

Community Events and Gatherings

bring communities together and to focus on and discuss their challenges, set priorities, get involved in the coalition as members, get organized on specific objectives and get mobilized for change.

Leadership Development

Social challenges can only be met through collective action, dialogue and the strengthening of social networks. Thus we need to nurture an appreciation and understanding of facilitative leadership. To do that we need Leadership Development as a strategy. It builds the self-awareness of leaders, cultivates deep listening and helps them lead in ways that bring people and ideas together to transform community.Once people are organized, get involved in the actions for change then the leadership role of individuals need to be developed and our forum will be the first step in that direction and we will set this as a strategy and continue developing our leadership skill and knowledge.

Serving You


Legal Representation


Civic Engagement and Organizing

Civic engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference. It means promoting the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes. This is the very core of the purpose of our coalition and that is why we are not a service based entities but a coalition.This will work well in our communities because there are different service providing African entities which are providing specific services. They are not connected as a coalition to play a broader civic engagement and organize the community members because of their specificity to services and dependency on funding specified to that effect

Training and Education

Although our community members know very well what their problems are, in planning actions to solve them they need training and education about leadership, how the system in the US works, how to get organized and strategies and select tactics for each group of problems.

Being voiceless in the new country

Immigrants have difficulty voicing their issues and demands due to simultaneaousely multiple barriers including but not limited to linguistic & cultural barriers, stereotypes, misconceptions and absence of one organized platform to have one loud voice.

Core leadership

Kwadwo Oware

Frank Magass
Vice President

Marsha Mutisi